Mayor's Vision

Mayor's Vision for the City...
Provide Sustainable Value to and for the Residents by...

                                  meeting the needs of the residents today without compromising
                                             the city's ability to meet the needs of tomorrow...

                                                    Through Economic Health of the the City
                                                    Needed Police, EMS, Fire and Utilities
                                                    Appropriate Development Management
                                                    Public Educational Needs
                                                    Communications with the City
                                                    Efficient and Effective Infrastructure Systems
                                                    Budget Effectiveness in Reaching Goals

                            with a mayoral philosophy of (1) minimal government, (2) respect for the citizen,
                            (3) respect for private property rights, (4) strong feduciary application, (5) fair and
                            equitable management, (6) good stewardship of resources and (7) personal       

                            Garry Manitzas, Mayor