City Ordinances

Codified Ordinances

An Ordinance is a local law that usually regulates persons or property and usually relates to a matter of general and permanent nature.  Ordinances are permanent records of the City and for easy access, can be codified into one document.  

The City of Fair Oaks Ranch's Code of Ordinances is available on line by visiting Municode's website. Click here to view.

New (Uncodified) Ordinances

Ordinances that have been added or amended after the adopted codification and prior to the bi-annual supplement can be viewed by clicking here.

Purpose of Adopting a City Code

Prior to the adoption of the Code of Ordinances, the City's ordinances were not available in a single document.  The ordinances and amendments were all separate documents and were difficult to access and understand.  State law permits a city to adopt a "code", a single document incorporating all of the city's general and permanent ordinances into a single document. In February 2008, the City Council adopted the City's Code of Ordinances.