The City of Fair Oaks Ranch is a Home Rule city.  The Mayor serves as the presiding officer of the City Council and is recognized as the head of the City government for all ceremonial purposes, for emergency management purposes, and by the governor for purposes of military law.

The Mayor serves a three year term, and is limited to two terms of office in a lifetime.  The Mayor has the following responsibilities and privileges:

  •  to discuss any matters before City Council and to vote on all issues with the City Council.
  • to appoint, upon nomination by majority vote of the City Council, the members of citizen advisory boards and commissions.
  • to be jointly responsible with the City Manager for the coordination of City communication with the public and the news media including outreach initiatives to the citizens and general public through various media venues.

Annually, the Mayor hosts a State of the City event where an outline of the Mayor’s legislative proposals and policy directions for the upcoming year are presented. Click here to view past State of the City presentations.

To keep citizens informed, the Mayor writes a monthly article in the Hill Country Weekly newspaper titled "Mayor Maxton's Message".