Stakeholders Committee

The Stakeholders Committee is a committee of involved citizens appointed by council to participate in the updating of the City's Comprehensive Plan and developing of master drainage, water and wastewater plans.

Capital Improvements Advisory Committee

The Capital Improvements Advisory Committee (CIAC) is established to comply with Section 395.058 Texas Local Government Code - Chapter 395.  This committee its responsible for assisting the City in development of Land Use Assumptions, Capital Improvement Plans, and reviewing of impact fees.

Wildlife Education Committee

The Wildlife Education Committee (WEC) is responsible for developing a proactive program using educational materials to help us all better enjoy and coexist with the bounties of nature we are blessed to have in our community.

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Communications Committee

The Communications Committee is charged with enhancing the communication efforts of the City to the citizens.  This includes recommending initiatives and tools for daily communications, publicizing city events, and marketing our city.