Municipal Development District


The Fair Oaks Ranch, Texas  Municipal Development District (MDD) was created  by Fair Oaks Ranch voters on May 7, 2011 in accordance with Chapter 377 of the Texas Local Government Code. It began receiving a 1/2 percent sales tax in August, 2011 on all items in the district that are subject to the general sales tax. Prior to creating the MDD  an entity outside of Fair Oaks Ranch was receiving those taxes.  As a result of the MDD formation our tax rate did not increase but these funds can now directly benefit our city and residents.


The  MDD mission is to approve  funding for economic development , retention and improvement of  the District, and for improvement of short and long term property values. Priorities  for expenditure of  resources  are  aligned to the City’s Comprehensive Plan and the MDD’s adopted Mission, Goals & Objectives.   All meetings are announced and open.


MDD boundaries include the City of Fair Oaks Ranch and portions of the extra-territorial jurisdiction (ETJ) within Bexar and Kendall Counties, but not Comal County.

Board of Directors

Al McDavid (President); Brad Dutton (Vice President); Laura Koerner (Secretary); Roy Elizondo (Treasurer); Chris Cook; Carolyn Knopf; and Faira Stevick