Elevated Storage Tank

City of Fair Oaks Ranch Elevated Storage Tank - Project Timeline

Extended Elevated Storage Tank History

2006 – The City obtained 3,258 acres of Extra-Territorial Jurisdiction from the City of San Antonio along the east and northern boundaries of the City limits.

2007 – Property owners within this new ETJ area began working on agreements with Guadalupe Blanco River Authority (GBRA) for their water supply/service. These agreements would be expensive since GBRA would need to build additional facilities (tanks, pump stations, etc.) to service this ETJ area. In addition, the agreements stipulated that the owners would have to drill wells for their peak water demands, as the GBRA supply was intended only for normal daily demands. The property owners and GBRA could not reach agreement.

2007 – Due to the failure of reaching a consensus with these agreements, the City was asked to explore options of how they could assist both GBRA and these property owners. The City hired a consultant to evaluate options to provide water to properties located in the ETJ. The water model determined that an elevated tank would be necessary in order to provide sufficient fire flow protection to this area if the City was to become the water provider within the ETJ. In Boots Gaubatz words, this was a “win-win” situation for all parties involved, as the City prevented additional straws into the same aquifer water source as the City’s utility uses, and would be able to increase the quantity of water from GBRA.

2008 – The City entered into several Water Supply Agreements with property owners located within the ETJ. These agreements stipulated that the owners would pay a “Contribution in Aid of Construction” with 50% paid within ten days of the agreement execution, and the final 50% paid within ten days of the award to construct an elevated storage tank.

2008 – One Water Supply Agreement, now known as the neighborhood Stone Creek Ranch, stipulated: “The Owner shall, at Owner’s sole cost and expense, secure a suitable one-half acre tract of land within one-half mile of the Property for the future location and construction of an elevated water storage tank. Owner agrees to donate this elevated storage tank site and surrounding sanitary easement to the City at no cost.” In addition, the agreement stated: “Owner owns one groundwater well, which is located on the Property. Owner agrees to donate this groundwater well and surrounding sanitary easement to the City at no cost. The groundwater well will be utilized for supplementary supply of water.” At this time, there has been no other sites offered by the Owner, other than the area where the groundwater well is located.

2008 – Upon completion of securing several Water Supply Agreements with various property owners located in the ETJ, the GBRA increased the City’s Raw Water Reservation an additional 250 AF/year. This was favorable action by GBRA as they avoided building additional service facilities and would remain a wholesale supplier only to municipalities in this immediate area.

2013 – The City entered into a development agreement with a property along Ammann Road known as The Reserve. This agreement included an exhibit that identified an Elevated Storage Tank located in its southeast corner portion of the property.

2014 – The City approved an update to the Water Impact Fee. Included in the Capital Improvement Program for the fee calculation was the Elevated Storage Tank to service the northern pressure zone.

2017 – The water utility had a standard TCEQ investigation and was cited for Additional Issues as appearing out of compliance with 30 TAC 290.93(3), which has to do with reaching 85% of it’s systems capacity. The northern area pressure zone had reached a 91% pressure tank capacity, which is above the 85% threshold. The recommended solution in order to meet the TCEQ requirements is to build the elevated storage tank.

2018 – The City proposed to begin engineering services during FY 2018-2019 and budgeted funds specifically for this task. City staff prepared and advertised Request for Qualifications (RFQ) for consultants to submit their interest in the project.

2019 – City staff received Statements of Qualifications from interested consultants to prepare construction documents to build an elevated storage tank. These SOQs were reviewed by several staff. References were checked. Kimley Horn was selected as the consultant for the project.