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Ordinance 2020-07 Ordinance 2020-07
Postponement of Special Election for Sales & Use Tax
Ordinance 2020-06 Ordinance 2020-06
Shelter in Place Ordinance
Ordinance 2020-05 Ordinance 2020-05
Public Health Emergency Declaration
Ordinance 2020-03 Ordinance 2020-03
PEC Franchise Agreement
Ordinance 2020-04 Ordinance 2020-04
Water and Wastewater Impact Fees
Ordinance 2020-02 Ordinance 2020-02
Special Election reauthorizing the local sales and use tax
Ordinance 2020-01 Ordinance 2020-01
Building Material Regulations
Ordinance 2019-16 Ordinance 2019-16
Amending the City of Fair Oaks Ranch Code of Ordinances Chapter 4 Business Regulations Article 4.02 Regulating Solicitors
Ordinance 2019-15 Ordinance 2019-15
Approving a Specific Use Permit (SUP Application 2019-01) Allowing for a Commercial Equine Boarding Facility on Land Currently Zoned for Neighborhood Residential