City Mission & Priorities

To maintain and enhance those quality of life factors which influenced the citizens to establish a residence within the City and to provide security, public safety, and police services for the maintenance of good order and the protection of personal and real property located within the City limits.

  • Take no action that would materially affect the quality of life in any fashion detrimental to the continuance and enhancement of conditions existing at the time the City was incorporated.
  • Pursue a long range plan that will protect the autonomy of the City, provide for inclusion of unincorporated areas in the City, and promote the City's authority to determine its own future.
  • Maintain a law enforcement agency at a reasonable cost for the security of the citizens and the protection of personal and real property within the City limits.
  • Provide for reliable emergency services through arrangements with existing Emergency Medical Services agencies.
  • Provide for reliable fire protection services through arrangements with existing fire protection agencies.
  • Build appropriate reserve funds necessary to meet large expenditure requirements, such as road repair, with regular deposits so as to have as little effect on tax rates and the least reliance on debt creation as possible.
  • Conduct services consistent with the above listed priorities in the most cost effective manner possible, to include extensive use of volunteers, so as to keep the tax rate as low as possible.