Required Information
If the home is being built in Bexar/Comal Counties submit 2 sets of plans. If the home is being built in Kendall County submit 1 sets of plans. Plans must contain the following:
  • Plot Plan - Must show all building setback lines, utility easements, water, sewer, gas, & electric lines, and the location of the home on the property.
  • Electrical Diagram - Draw a diagram showing the meter loop, main panel, sub panels, individual circuit breakers, wire sizes, and what item or equipment each one will feed. As a rule, this diagram is provided by the electrical contractor and must be tailored to that project. Must be signed and dated by the person preparing the diagram.
  • Wall Sections - This detail must show a complete wall section from the bottom wall plate on the lower floor to the top plate on the first or second floor (two story).  
  • Engineered Foundation Plans - Must be designed, prepared, signed, and sealed by a Professional Engineer registered in the State of Texas. The foundation beams width and depth, and slab height must conform to City Ordinance requirements.
  • Floor Plans - Must contain kitchen counter locations, plumbing fixtures, electrical receptacles, lighting, and switches, smoke detectors, windows, and doors, as a minimum. Preferably drawn to 1/4"=1'-0" scale.
  • Outside Elevations - A scaled drawing of all exterior views of the building.
  • Energy Performance Sheet - Must be submitted in prescriptive or descriptive method as detailed in the 2003 International Energy Conservation Code. View the U.S. Department of Energy's website for software download of the required form.