Amended Plat


Amended plats are intended to correct minor errors as noted in the Texas Local Government Code 212.016 and must not increase the number of lots, not involve extension of municipal facilities, or create new streets. After staff review, amended plats are presented to the City Planning Committee for their review and recommendation prior to being approved by the City Administrator. Plats that qualify as amended plats may be processed within 30 days.


The following procedures have been established as a guideline to follow when submitting a request to amend a property (Chapter 10 of City Code) where a public hearing is not required due to partitioning of property or re-establishing a property line:

Obtain Letters of Certification of Easement from the appropriate utilities - Fair Oaks Ranch Utilities, Guadalupe Valley Communications, AT&T, Time Warner, Pedernales Electric, City Public Service

Submit the above, three copies of the amending plat (18 x 24) and one copy (8 ½ x 11) by a registered engineer/surveyor, and a $50 amending plat fee to the City Secretary.

The City Administrator and City Engineer will review the plat. Any changes needed will be sent in writing to the requestor. If all is acceptable, the plat will go to the City Planning Committee (meets the 1st Wednesday of every month) for their consideration. The Committee will not consider the amending plat request until all items are received.

Upon the approval recommendation of the City Administrator and City Planning Committee, the registered engineer/surveyor shall submit an original tracing of the amended plat to the City Secretary for proper signatures.

After the original tracing has been signed by the City Administrator and City Secretary, the engineer/surveyor must file, within 20 days, the tracing with the appropriate County Clerk for recording into the County records. The engineer/surveyor must furnish the City a copy of the amended plat containing the County Clerk’s signature/seal.

If the recommendation is disapproval, the City Administrator shall notify the requrestor of the reasons for disapproval and shall place the amended plat request on the next scheduled City Council meeting agenda for their consideration/action.