Solicitation Permit

The City of Fair Oaks Ranch prohibits solicitation within the city limits unless you have an approved Solicitors Permit from the city.  To apply for a Solicitors Permit, individuals must come to City Hall with the following completed information.

  • Completed Solicitors Permit Application (click HERE to download)
  • Copy of valid Driver's License
  • Copy of active insurance card for vehicle
  • Letter from Company giving permission to solicit on their behalf.  This letter should be on company letterhead and signed by someone who has such authority.
  • $10.00 background check fee - paid upon turning in application
  • Once permit is approved, there will be a $40.00 permit fee when permit is issued.

**Solicitors Permits must be carried with you at all times while soliciting within the city, and must be provided to residents upon request.**