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Golf Cart Rules & Inspections

On Thursday, November 16, 2017, the city council passed a Motorized Golf Cart Ordinance that allows for the general use of golf carts in Fair Oaks Ranch to become effective on January 1, 2018.  The ordinance works in conjunction with the Texas Transportation Code to regulate golf cart use on Fair Oaks Ranch public streets.

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Inspections & Permits

For general use of golf carts on Fair Oaks Ranch streets, an inspection by the Fair Oaks Ranch Police Department is required, and upon passing inspection, a permit sticker will be applied to the golf cart.  Please read the Rules and Regulations below to understand what is required for the inspection.  Inspections will be conducted at the Fair Oaks Ranch Police Department (7286 Dietz Elkhorn) by appointment only.  Please contact (210) 698-0990 to schedule an inspection.

Rules & Regulations

Below are the main highlights for golf cart use in the City of Fair Oaks Ranch:

  1. A golf cart permit is required and the driver is required to comply with all laws applicable to carts and other motor vehicles as outlined in the Texas Transportation Code.  In accordance with section 551.404(b) of the Texas Transportation Code, every motorized cart required to be permitted must be equipped with the following equipment:
  • Operational headlamps; (2 required)
  • Operational tail lamps; (2 required)
  • Side reflectors; (2 front: amber in color & 2 rear: red in color)
  • Operational parking brake; and
  • Rearview mirror(s); capable of a clear unobstructed view of at least 200 feet to the rear
  • Slow Moving Vehicle Emblem
  • All required equipment shall meet Texas and Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards

2.  A golf cart can operate on a public highway that is within the City of Fair Oaks Ranch and has a posted speed limit of not more than 35 miles per hour.  The golf cart may cross a multi-lane or a federal, county or state route only at an intersection controlled by an official traffic control device which stops traffic from all directions.

3.  The permit is valid as long as ownership does not transfer and the following fees are applicable:

  • Initial inspection by the police department - $20.00 (includes permit/sticker)

4.  In order for a golf cart to receive a permit, an inspection must be completed by the Fair Oaks Ranch Police Department.

5.  At time of inspection, the applicant must provide proof of liability insurance that meets minimum state requirements.

6.  Permit may be revoked at any time if there is evidence that the permit holder cannot safely operate a motorized cart within the City of Fair Oaks Ranch or the motorized cart fails to comply with the requirements of the ordinance.

7.  The following uses of a golf cart are exempt from requiring a permit or other regulations within the ordinance:

  • On private property, with the consent of the owner.
  • In connection with a parade, festival or other special event provided the consent of the sponsor is obtained and provided such vehicle is only used during such event.
  • By the personnel of the City of Fair Oaks Ranch on official police business or the use of motorized carts by City personnel for official business on City owned property and City leased property.

8.  A golf cart driver must be at least 16 years old and hold a valid Texas Driver License.

9.  No person younger than six (6) years of age may be transported in a motorized cart unless restrained by a safety belt restraint or child safety seat restrained by a safety belt.

10. The number of occupants in a motorized cart shall be limited to the number of persons for whom factory seating is installed and provided on the motorized cart.  The operator and all occupants shall be seated upon the seat of the motorized cart and no part of the body of the operator or occupant shall extend outside the perimeter of the motorized cart while the motorized cart is being operated.  The operator shall not permit any occupant of the cart to ride in the lap of any occupant while the cart is in motion.

11. Motorized carts shall not be operated on any sidewalk, pedestrian walkway, jogging path, park trail, or any location normally used for pedestrian traffic except for official police business or by City personnel conducting a required job function directly related to their assigned duties.

12. All motorized carts are entitled to a full use of a lane on the authorized streets and parking areas of the City and no motor vehicle shall be driven in such a manner as to deprive any motorized cart of the full use of a lane.

13. Motorized carts may only be parked in the same manner and at the same places designated for the parking of motor vehicles.  The stopping, standing, or parking of motorized carts in areas where parking is not allowed or in any place that impedes the flow of traffic, pedestrian walkways or a passageway is prohibited.  Motorized carts shall not park within any space designated for disabled persons unless a current disabled parking placard is displayed and the person to whom the placard was issued is operating or being transported by said cart.

14. Golf cart drivers are required to carry their Texas Driver License, liability insurance card and have the permit sticker permanently affixed on the left side of the cart in such a manner that it is clearly visible from 50 feet when the cart is in operation on Fair Oaks Ranch streets.

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