Swimming Pool

Permits are required for all Swimming Pools including above ground pools. Swimming Pools must be fenced in accordance with the International Residential Code.  They must be fence on all 4 sides 48" high minimum and of non climbable construction.  House may constitute one side, provided doors leading to pool are fitted with audible alarm.  Gates must be self-closing and self-latching.  If the latch opening device is on the outside of the fence, it must be a minimum of 54" above grade.


1. A completed City of Fair Oaks Ranch Swimming Pool Permit Application.

2. Contractor Registration Form – (if not already registered with the city).

3. Plot Plan showing the location of the pool on the property and in relation to the house.

4. Pool Plan showing the size and shape of the pool including dimensions.

5. If the edge of the excavation for the pool is less than ten (10') feet from the edge of the house foundation, an engineering evaluation is required and a letter submitted stating that the excavation for the pool will not degrade the structural integrity of the house foundation.

6. Wall section detail of the pool structure showing the thickness of the pool wall, the steel size, and spacing of steel.

7. Electrical diagram showing the breaker size, accompanying wire size, and the equipment it will service.

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Swimming Pools