Code Compliance


Our mission is to ensure residents and business owners of Fair Oaks Ranch are abiding by the City's ordinances and codes as determined by City Council. These regulations have been enacted to maintain health, safety, order, to ensure property rights and values, and to maintain the aesthetics that exist in Fair Oaks Ranch.  We strive for compliance. 

Code Compliance is the inspection, improvement, and rehabilitation of public and private premises. This is done by reviewing ordinances and codes and conducting routine field visits to identify violations concerning fire and health hazards, nuisance violations, or unsafe building conditions. The City enforces its standards and requirements through the Fair Oaks Ranch Code of Ordinances and the Unified Development Code.

Quarterly Statistics

Code Compliance Quarterly Stats April - June 2021

Compliance Corner: A message from your Code Compliance Officer

  • This is a friendly reminder that the City of Fair Oaks Ranch has a year-round mandatory watering schedule in an effort to reduce high water demand.  Detailed information is found in Chapter 13, Section 13.06.005 of the city's Code of Ordinances. 
  • Maintaining construction sites in a visually appealing manner has been an ongoing challenge for our City. Please be advised that the trash containers on individual construction sites are for builders use only. Personal trash needs to be disposed of appropriately and not in construction containers. Depositing personal trash in a builder’s container could be considered illegal dumping and a fine may be issued. Please report any illegal dumping on the Citizen Problem Reporter.
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