City Secretary

Mission Statement
The City Secretary's Office is dedicated to delivering exceptional service to the community, along with providing support to the Mayor, City Council, and staff. We are committed to serving with fairness, honesty, integrity, transparency, and consistency as we are mindful of what a privilege it is to serve our citizens.

The office of the City Secretary falls under the supervision of the City Manager. The City Secretary is appointed by the City Council. 

The City Secretary's office performs the following functions and duties:

  • Preparing, posting, and advertising notices of the agenda, and compilation/organization of information and materials necessary, for all official public meetings of the City Council, Boards, and Commissions in a manner consistent with the City Charter and state laws.
  • Attending all open meetings of the Council, Boards, and Commissions, as well as keeping the minutes of the proceedings of all public official meetings and hearings of each, in a manner prescribed by the City Council and consistent with applicable laws.
  • Performing Oaths of Office, advertising vacancies, and overseeing Council, Board, and Commission member management.
  • Serving as the custodian for all official City records. Authenticating, by signature and seal, and recording all ordinances, resolutions, and proclamations of the City as well as maintain the Code of Ordinances, and various other records.
  • Assisting City Council, Boards, and Commissions to fulfill their duties and responsibilities.
  • Holding and maintaining the seal of the City and affixing the seal to all appropriate documents.
  • Preparing and ensuring publication of legal notices relating to agendas and other City issues.
  • Serving as a Parliamentary advisory role to the Council, Boards, and Commission.
  • Developing and implementing the City’s Records Management Plan.
  • Administering municipal elections according to established election schedules in accordance with all laws, the City Charter, the Texas Election Code, regulations, and standards.  The City Secretary also accepts candidate Campaign Finance Reports.
  • Processing and responding to Public Information Requests on behalf of the City in accordance with State law.
  • Issuing various permits.
  • Offering free notary services to City residents for non-business documents.
  • Serving as a resource, by offering information and research assistance to the public and staff.
  • Acting as a link between citizens and the City Council.